Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Jenkins in C++ Software Development


Suhas T M, Student,  Sowmya Nag K, Professor
Dept of Electronics and Communication, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.


Continuous Integration is a practice in the software program development process where software program builders combine code into a shared repository frequently, more than one instance throughout the day. Jenkins is a continuous integration tool that assists developers and testers by using automating the entire test, on the way to reduce their work with the aid of tracking the development at each and every stage in software development, each integration push is then tested by means of automated build and test cases, and an easy way to make CI quicker and accelerate CI procedure is to automate the testing of a recent build. In this paper, a real scenario is taken into consideration, how the software program trying out is performed in corporate sectors and how Jenkins can save developers/testers important valuable hours by automating the whole software development system.