Effect of Rotation on Thermosolutal Convection in Visco-elastic Nanofluid with Porous Medium


Sudhir Kumar Pundir, Mukul Kumar, Rimple Pundir
Department of Mathematics S. D. (P.G.) College Muzaffarnagar, U.P, India.


In this paper, we studied the rotation effect on the thermosolutal convection in visco-elastic nanofluid in the presence of porous medium using Walters` (model B`). To solve the conservation equation, we used the normal mode technique and Galerkin weighted residual method. For stationary convection, the onset criterion derived analytically and experiential that visco-elastic nanofluid behaves as a regular Newtonian nanofluid. The effect of rotation, thermo-nanofluid Lewis number, thermosolutal Lewis number and solutal Rayleigh number analyze analytically and graphically.