Generalized Fractional integrals involving Eulerian Integral of H- Function


Ram Niwas Meghwal
Department of Mathematics, Government College, sujangarh, India.
Dr. K.G. Bhadana
Department of Mathematics, SPC Government College, Ajmer, India.


A large number of fractional integral formulas involving certain special functions have been presented. Here, in this paper, our aim at establishing three fractional integral formulas involving the products of the multivariable H-function by using generalized fractional integration operators given by Saigo and Maeda [M. Saigo, N. Maeda, Varna, Bulgaria, (1996), 386–400]. the present paper we evaluate a number of key Eulerian integrals involving the H- function of several variables. Our general Eulerian integral formulas are shown to provide the key formulae from which numerous other potentially useful results for various families of generalized hypergeometric functions of several variables can be derived. In this paper, we evaluate a class of MacRobert’s integral associ-ated with the multivariable I-function defined by Nambisan et al [1], Also using I-Function on ‘Certatain class of eulerian integrals of multivariable generalized hypergeometric function’ (for details of H-function ,see [2-6] [7], [8],Saxena and Nishimoto [9],H.S.P. Srivastava [10]