Hydrodynamic Forces on a Submerged Circular Cylinder in Two-layer Fluid with an Ice-cover


Manomita Sahu, Dilip Das
Department of Mathematics, Diamond Harbour Women’s University, Sarisha, West Bengal-743368, India.


We consider problems based on linear water wave theory concerning the interaction of wave with horizontal circular cylinder submerged in two-layer ocean consisting of a upper layer of finite depth bounded above by an ice-cover and below by an infinite layer of fluid of greater density, the ice-cover being modelled as an elastic plate of very small thickness. Using the method of multipoles, we formulate the problems of hydrodynamic forces on a submerged cylinder in either the upper or the lower layer. The vertical and horizontal forces on the circular cylinder are obtained and depicted graphically against the wave number for various values of flexural rigidity of ice-cover to show the effect of the presence of ice-cover on these quantities. Also when the flexural rigidity and surface density of the ice-cover are taken to be zero, the ice-cover tends to a free-surface. Then all the forces are the same as in the case of two-layer fluid with free surface.