Integration of Application Code Simulations for Data exchange


Basankar Vikas, Dr. S. P. Metkar
Dept of Electronics and Telecommunication, College of Engineering, Pune, India.

Manoj Mane, Bhuvaneshwar Kanade
Whirlpool of India Limited, Pune, India.


In every product development industry, automation plays a key role in increasing the throughput of the company and providing better planning in product development and improved product quality. It is very necessary to find a solution to interdependencies during the product development process. During simulation-based analysis of a product, it is required that the need for actual hardware of the product is to be eliminated. Because of this, the functionality of the actual hardware can be analyzed by using software using simulations. If simulations of different products are running, the data is to be exchanged between different simulations effectively. It can be considered as simulating data exchange, as it is implemented in the hardware form. A proper and suitable method is to be used to have this goal achieved. This paper will address the integration approach for application code simulations or programs that are built to perform a specific tasks.