IOT based Potholes and Drainages Detection System


Divyani Dongre, Rani Jangam,Alisha Gosavi, Monali Sonekar, Rima Kumbhalka, Prof. Ashish P. Nanotkar
Department of IT, J D College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur, DBATU.


Accidents owing to potholes have become an alarming problem in today‘s life. The first step to solve this problem requires, designing a device embedded in the vehicle which can continuously scan the road surface for identifying potholes, alerting the driver in time, and enable the driver to avoid the pothole. The importance of the road infrastructure for society could be compared with the importance of blood vessels for humans. The major problems in developing countries are the maintenance of roads. To ensure road surface quality it should be monitored continuously and repaired as necessary. The optimal distribution of resources for road repairs is possible providing the availability of comprehensive and objective real-time data about the state of the roads. The data in the system can be made available to the general public as well as municipalities and road maintenance agencies. Awareness of the location of potholes will help drivers to avoid those roads and being more careful while driving on the same roads. The paper is describing a custom map system for road irregularity detection using Android-based smartphones. IdentificationofpavementIdentificationofpavement only helps drivers to avoid accidents or vehicle damages but also helps authorities to maintain roads.