Orchestration of Microservices Using Conductor


Rakshata Karlingannavar, Dr. Nagaraj Bhat
Electronics and Communication Dept., R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.


The Microservices architectural design is widely used today which helps one to build an application as a set of services that can be developed and deployed independently. Each service is independent and gives a set of functions or features that can be individually serviced. In spite of the fact that microservices design has been advanced as the fix just for all cutting-edge application development ailments and is viewed as the replacement for API first application advancement, its execution needs undeniably more idea and practicality. In order for these independent services to work together towards a common goal, we need something that will stitch them together because they cannot work in complete isolation and need to share data and interact with one another. There are two ways to do this – microservice choreography and microservice orchestration. This paper tries to explain the difference between choreography and orchestration of microservices, and why the latter is better. We will then discuss the orchestration of microservices using an open-sourced microservices orchestrator – Conductor.