Preparation and mechanical properties of Poly Lactic Acid, Alumina and Hydroxyapatite based composites (Bio-Composite) made by using Injection molding


K.Sakthivel, Assistant Professor, S. Rajendran, Associate Professor, K.Ganesan, T.Paramaguru, SM.Murugesan, Assistant Professors
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jaya Engineering College.


In order to perform new Bio-Composite material, we carried out the investigation on Poly Lactic Acid, Alumina and Hydroxyapatite based composites (Bio-Composite) and the composite made by using Injection molding. Samples of 50%, 30% and 25% of Hydroxyapatite are mixed with PLA in respectively proportion for reinforcement of the composites and also improve the strength of Composite material by adding Alumina in it. Fabrication of composite specimen can be made in sheet (Film) type. Finally, that had been examined under various mechanical test like tensile, compression, impact and Hardness test and also SEM test. The results of bio-composites has higher tensile strength of 10.66 MPa, compression strength of 2.22kN ,hardness value 83.66 and same impact value 2Joules as others samples of biocomposites. The SEM image has fine bonding and lesser cracks due to higher proportion of HA. The SEM images partially bonded due to lower proportion of HA.