Proposed technique on partial substitution of coarse aggregate in concrete with cockle seashell


R. Ramasubramani, A. Naresh babu, S. Manikandaprabu
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur chennai-603 203, Tamil Nadu, India


Study of cockle seashell has begun. As due to the chemical reaction with cement, theenvironment gets free from the pollution. Therefore introducing the seashell in the concrete cancontrol wastage. Since cockle seashell is natural agreeable, this makes the concrete progressivelyprudent and in the meantime, problems related to waste could easily be avoided. In this study,cockle seashells are used as additive material to concrete. Cockle seashell is added at 5%, 10%,15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, and 50% respectively with M35, M40 and M45 gradesof concrete. Various tests were carried at 7, 14 , and 28 days. The results indicated that thevarying strengths of cement differed with the addition of cockle seashell. The compressivequality will in general lessening as the measure of cockle seashell increments. Deflectionqualities test demonstrated that a definitive load conveying limit of Optimum concrete mixingbeam higher than traditional concrete beam. This investigation demonstrates that 5% expansionof cockle seashell to M35 grade concrete demonstrated an increment in quality properties. Incase of M40 grade, the strength is increased by adding 35% of cockle seashell and M45 grade thestrength is increased at 45% of adding cockle seashell.