Solving Multi-Objective Transportation Problem Using Summation Penalty


Dr. Heba Sayed
Doctor of Operations Research, Cairo University, Egypt.

Prof. Hegazy Zaher
Professor of Mathematical Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt.

Samia Mohammed
Student of Operations Research, Cairo University, Egypt.


This paper introduces a new Summation Method (SM) for solving the Multi-Objective Transportation Problem (MOTP). In this method, the multi-objective transportation problem is converted into a single objective transportation problem, where each cost in the single objective transportation problem table refers to the summation of the costs in the objectives in the same location of the cell. The problem was solved by TORA using North West Corner (NWC) method to solve the problem. The method is very easy to apply and provides a non-dominated solution at each iteration which is identified by the goal programming approach and interactive approach and other methods.