The Ethical Format Strategy in Book of Al Farajba’adalshidda of Qadial.Tanukhi An Approach in The Light of Cultural Contexts


Rihab Majeed Saleh, Assistant Lecturer, Dr. Ali Mohammed Abd, Assistant Professor
College of Arts, Anbar University, Iraq.


This study aims to apply one of the concepts that accompanied postmodernism, (cultural criticism), as cultural systems constitute its main focus. Therefore, we seek in this research to investigate the moral pattern in the discourse, and what lies behind the language of the discourse in the book (of Al FarajBa’ad AL Shidda) by Judge Abu Ali Al-Mohsen Al-Tanukhi (died 384 AH). One of the fourth century/tenth century writers. we try to criticism the texts and disclose of this pattern that carried a message aimed at reforming the society the author lived in. This research is organized as follows: The first part: an entrance through which we talk about the importance of moral order in the life of the individual and society. – As for the second part, we talk through it about the manifestations of this pattern in Al-Tanukhi, which came in several pictures that we can recognize through research.