Design of Power Efficient Phase Frequency Detector and Voltage Controlled Oscillator for PLL Applications in 45 nm CMOS Technology


Pawan Srivastava, M. Tech. Scholar
Microelectronics, Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow, India.
Dr. Ram Chandra Singh Chauhan, Associate professor
ECE Department, Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow, India.


A novel phase frequency detector is designed which is made up of 16 transistors whereas conventional is of 48 transistors. This paper also presented the design of charge pump circuit and current starved VCO (CSVCO). These are the critical blocks that are widely used for applications like clock and data recovery circuit, PLL, frequency synthesizer. The proposed PFD eliminates the reset circuit using pass transistor logic and operates effectively at higher frequencies. The circuits are designed using Cadence Virtuoso v6.1 in 45nm CMOS technology having supply voltage 1V. It was found that the power consumption of PFD is 138.2 nW which is significantly lesser than other designs. CSVCO also analysed at operating frequency of 10 MHz to give output oscillation frequency of 1.119 GHz with power dissipation of 18.91 μW. Corner analysis done for both the PFD and CSVCO for various process variations. Monte Carlo analysis also done for the proposed PFD and presented CSVCO to test the circuit reliableness.