A Study of Different Characteristics of Solar PV Array for Grid Connected System


P.B. Joshi, Assistant Professor
YCCE, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Dr. S.R.Vaishnav, Professor
JDCOEM, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.


Over and above one billion people around the world lack access to grid electricity. Over the last few years, prices solar panel system is decrease dramatically leading to more affordable solar electric systems. The characteristic of PV solar systems is a requisite to get a good performance of systems under different circumstances. The characteristic allows the simulation of PV systems under different temperatures and irradiances level. The solar array for a PV array depends upon the unknown parameters, sometimes, they depends of atmospheric conditions. In this paper a developed mathematical model in MATLAB/ Simulink environment of solar PV array system and plot a different characteristics like Io – Vo, Po-Vo and Po- Io of solar array PV System.