Analysis Of Quantum Key Distribution In Cryptography And Its Applications


Dr. Ambika R, Dr. Anilkumar D, Shashikala J
BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bengaluru, India.


Safe communication is a growing concern in almost every sector. The data was encrypted using cryptographic techniques. Compared to traditional cryptography, quantum cryptography is a strong and optimistic step. Our data would be safer than in the past if quantum encryption is used in the right way. To protect the confidential information to be transmitted, cryptographers are trying to develop more sophisticated techniques. But hackers, code breakers and eavesdroppers are working furiously to break the systems. As security is achieved by either cryptographers or security is breached. The success is, however, provisional. The method of protecting the message using a deciphering device and of breaking the system. In this article, various quantum encryption and distribution methods are discussed and analyzed.