The Importance of Employing Mobile Technology in the Process of Teaching English in Iraqi EFL Classrooms: A Review Article


Tariq Aboud Mesha’an Hamadi Al-Dulaimi, Assistant Lecturer
Educational and psychological sciences Methods of Teaching English Language College of Education for Humanities, Iraq.
Ahmed Ibrahim Elttayef Al-Abdali, Assistant Lecturer
Applied Linguistic Ministry of Education-Iraq, Iraq.


Utilization technologies in teaching English as a foreign language has confirmed its significance in conveying the knowledge for both the instructors and the learners. One of these technologies used in teaching and learning is that Mobile. Mobile has changed the way of teaching from traditional approaches into most recent methods. Mobile devices as technology-based tools in education have established their potential in language teaching effectively and successfully. In this regards, teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) has become easier with the help of mobile learning. The aim of this study is to evaluate the use of mobile-based teaching and learning in English language classroom. The integration of mobiles in the process of teaching and learning English may offer more recent methods to deliver knowledge for EFL learners. Over the past few years, using different types of technology has motivated learners of English and succeeded in making learning of language live and interesting. MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning), for example, is one of the most effective tool nowadays in English classes, it proved to be very helpful in the process of language learning and teaching. Accordingly, this study aims at showing the importance of integrating Mobile devices to support teaching and learning English as a foreign language. After reviewing many studies, the researchers concluded that mobiles can be helpful for learners of English.